Friday, October 8, 2010

The day after the disaster

So Haley broke things off after just a month. She said i can still keep a finger in the book, but it is hard to do. Either i go on with life with one hand or i pull my finger out, drop the book, and go play Frisbee. It is rainy today so obviously the heavens are crying with me. Actually i am optimistic today and i am moving on. I am going to go meet new people today. Go knock on doors and shock girls. I do miss my girl though, cuz she was really special. Any how i took Tylenol pm and i slept like i rock all the way through the night and through my first class. I did go to class, but my arms made for a nice pillow. Then chemistry we blew stuff up, but not enough. I wish i could buy random chemicals to blow stuff up in my free time. We got out early and i went home and made muffins. I gave them to Haley's apt. because i promised them some a while back, and now i owe them nothing more. I have kept my word to the T. After i went and rowed 3000 meters in the gym. Then rode a bike that doesn't move just like my boat. So once i got all massive i went home and now i am here at home writing my random events of the day. I am just kinda bored now and i wish i could find something really exciting to do and to have fun in Rexburg you have to be creative. And the only creativeness i have right now is when playing with my food. I can make a dog sculpture out of 1slice of bread. Also i will share my goals. I am not going to nibble on my fingernails anymore. I wonder if i was more flexible if i would chew my toenails too. Then i am brushing my teeth after every time i eat. That is about it for now. Oh and i decided what i am going to be for halloween. I am going to be white! I will post the picture later. I was going to be a giant cracker, but i can't figure out how to do it. So i am going to be white, which shouldn't be too hard. :-)\
peace out yo

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