Monday, October 25, 2010

A real cowboy!

So this weekend has been pretty crazy. Saturday was loco, because well I woke up early so i could go to Christine's volleyball game. She is amazing and It was fun to see her slam it down and do this shake dance whenever they scored off a serve. Then i got to play bball with two other kids who were way good, and humbled me with their quickness and swishes. It was fun though, and i am still not in good shape, but i am getting there. I also saw another squirrel and now i want to count them and put tags on them to see how many there are in total on campus.
The rest of the day was weird as i felt like i was trying to kill time, because i was nervous for the rodeo and just wanted it to start. I did visit the colonial girls though. Also me and Jacob decided to carbo load so we could have energy to run down animals. So we went to wingers and it turns out they were have an all you can eat sticky fingers. So we accepted the challenge and went to work. I ate so many, till the point i was twitching from sticky finger over dose. And yes you can OD on sticky fingers i decided. The sauce definitely messes with you after a while. So we ate our weight in chicken and we both impressed our cute weigh-tress. Then we stumbled out and made it to the couches. I crashed on the couch in a food coma for like 2 hours. It was a great pain, and man did i get the carbs i needed.
So game time comes and we go down to the fairgrounds. The crowd is filling up the stands and our excitement was building. I was scared for a bit, when signing the paperwork and it is going over all the legal stuff if i get hurt or die. It was kinda loco knowing it was possible, but yet again I felt safer chasing a steer with horns, then crossing the Rexburg cross walks at night. I think i am more likely to die crossing the street then with a steer. So i signed my autograph on the forms. So then they got us all together and showed us the event scheduled, and we peeked over the fence at the steers. We googled steers and they were way bigger looking on google then in real life. So that boosted my confidence. So they announced us all and we ran out and bowed and stuff. They butchered my name though, so i didn't know they said my name until no one else was running out, and when my roommate said that it was me.
So before our event we jumped the fences and got to chase some steers and try to pull ribbons off their tails. I got one off, but it dropped and someone else grabbed it. I grabbed a hold several times to them though. It was a blast, and Jacob missed the tail on one steer and stuck his hand just under its tail into the scat residue. Oh and there was like 40 other people all chasing wildly with us.
Then we watched the cool events of people riding the bucking steers and a guy ride two horses at the same time and jump them both. It was cool, but finally the 3 man steer ride was up.
So we all lined up behind the barrels at the halfway line, with the steers at the opposite end. They all had two ropes hanging off of their horns to steer the steer with. So the buzzer went and me, Jacob, and Craig were off. We went to the back, and Craig jumped in and grabbed one, but lost grip when another steer pushed him off. By that time Jacob had caught one by the horn, just to have the same thing happen to him, but Craig turned and caught it by the horn and with a constipated look, pulled it to the ground. So it was laying on the ground and we got to it as it was getting up. I was suppose to ride it and i was going to mount it from behind, but it kept kicking and i want kids one day so i ran to the side and jumped on. I hugged that thing so tight. We got it moving forward with me awkwardly hanging on for dear life. Then it got its foot stuck on another rope and just collapsed. I jumped off and backed up. My roommates savagely manhandled that thing, but we didn't win.
So really it was the funnest thing this semester. We almost peed our pants after talking about it and as Craig reenacted each of our faces during different moments. Oh and our FHE sisters came to watch, and some other friends of ours. It was way fun, and we even got to chase pigs after that.
So after we went to Horkley to get pop, and we were really dirty and we smelled like manure. It was funny to see people avoid us. We slept like rocks though and with big smiles. I feel like a real cowboy now, but i am still not going to listen to country music. I am not that cowboy yet:-).
So really I love life, and God has blessed me an incredible amount. I get so much more than I deserve, and I live with the funnest guys in Rexburg. What a life!!!
peace out

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