Saturday, October 23, 2010

Guitars Unpluged

So today was sssssssiiiiiiiiccccccccccckkkkkkkkkk! Ok so maybe not that much maybe minus a few c's and k's. But it was still fun. So i had one class canceled today so i got to sleep in and then i got to come home early. I also finished with my homework early. So then Jacob found a flier about a rodeo with a free entry and since i haven't been in a rodeo before i decided to sign up. They were all filled up for steer riding and so i signed up for 3 man steer riding and got my roommates to sign up with me. So i guess my roommates have to chase down the steer and grab the ropes holding it and then i have to jump on and somehow ride it past some finish line, and we are suppose to do this faster then everyone else. So i am going to be in a rodeo tomorrow.
As for tonight i went and watched psyche at Ashley's apartment with her and her roommates. After i went to guitars unplugged. I got there like an hour early and sat by myself like a loser and waited for my roommates to get there, and they didn't get there till like 10 till. But the show was good, and there were some really good songs. Brian our next door neighbor did a hilarious song about breaking up with a girl.
The dance however was the highlight for me. It has been a long time since i danced and i miss having the dance parties at home in haley's room or my room. Family dance parties are the best. But it was way fun and they played a few of my favorite songs. I loved it and i wish i could do that more often. I also wish my roommates would go with me. But after i got to go to Twizzle Berry with a girl i hung out with at the dance named Britney. She was fun to talk to, but to my mom. I told her about my no dating rule and she is well informed. So i am staying strong MOM. Anyways life is great and I am having a blast. Now i am by myself watching a movie and being very talented at multi tasking.
So random thought of the day is how great twizzle berry is. I got the sample cup and i might have set a record for the most amount of samples sucked from a sample cup. Also I love the middle lever, cuz you can mix the already magical flavors to become super flavors. I just wish there was a lever to mix all the flavors at once. And the one flavor i was weirded out by was the pumpkin flavor, just because it was frozen yogurt. And pumpkin flavored yogurt is a strange thought. Well peace out yo all.


  1. uhh if that was your neighbor... hook me UPPPP

  2. i would hook you up but you already got harmonica guys number. Just kidding, but i know this one guys who is amazing. I want to hook you up with him. He is fun, funny, and not cocky. Oh and good looking too.