Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So i am not quite ready to go to bed, and i am bored and eating stale goldfish. I had a baggy full of goldfish, that i filled up at home, before the beginning of the semester. They are the same crunchyness, but they definitely don't taste great like they did months ago. They are crazy fish though, because they never mold like bread does. Peculiar! They just change taste and i don't get it, because matter cannot be created or destroyed. This is the law of conservation of mass. So where did the flavor go then? It obviously went somewhere. If i breathed it on accident i just want to say that flavor tastes better in its solid form and it is boring and tasteless in its gaseous state. I just have to learn how to condense it and turn it back into a solid. Then I would condense all the flavor from stale cookies and stuff and I would eat that tasty solid constantly. Now the question is why it evaporated and left in the first place, and how do those freshening things work that you find in chips and random places. And why don't they come in goldfish boxes. If i could make them i would put them in all my food so that they always stayed fresh. I also wand to say that Ziploc is a bunch of liars. They say that the zip seal plastic sandwich bags hold in freshness. Well news flash to Ziplock, my goldfish went stale in the freshening Ziplock bag. I would sue, but there is probably some disclaimer somewhere. So since my predicament is at a dead end, I guess i will just start eating my crackers before they get months old, and not trust Ziplock.
I have just noticed that being in science classes has put me on an exponential curve in using corny science jokes and lame science analogies. I was thinking the other day in my idle time, they types of relationships i have with those around me. I was labeling my relationships as either covalent, polar-covalent, or ionic. And just fyi you are always slightly covalent in every ionic bond, and vice versa. Most girls i have dated have been mostly covalent, maybe like a 1.5, which makes me mostly ionic i have decided, but not super polar. Also the sharing of our mustard and ketchup is completely ionic, because i haven't used it once. I also decided in class what kind of element i am. I think i figured out that i am a calogen like clorine or iodine. I picked it according to size of the element, its stability, and its desire to complete its last orbital. The only problem is that it usually picks up a negative charge, so i might have to pick a different element, because i don't like being a downer. I guess i have something to think about tomorrow while i shave my manly beard. I wonder if that made sense.
peace out!


  1. sorry i forgot to split it into paragraphs i got carried away and forgot to take breaths and hit enter.

  2. hahahh this was so fun to read