Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday + homework= a fiery pit of despair

So I decided that hell is just a library, with bay windows. So we are locked inside and have to be miserable, while you look outside and see all the people having fun in the sun. I am not depressed however, because i am messing around now in the library and the internet is really good for watching hulu and youtube as well as downloading cool songs to bounce to if you ever get refocused again. I am not in the mood for homework though, because it is almost 6. I thought about walking home, and not getting a ride, but i have my chem book so i decided to be non-productive instead. We did however play basketball this morning and it was way fun. I left my hops at home though and there was this kid who kept dunking it during the game and he was only 5'11" and at make 6' tall. I was annoyed, but my hair looked better then his so i can't complain. It is a good hair day today. I don't actually know how this is possible since my hair is only a cm long if that, but you just feel it sometimes. Also i have no acne right now which always floats my self-esteem boat. Anyways i am getting in good shape. I guess getting in good shape is a by-product of a breakup reaction. Now that is chemistry, but not really.
New paragraph. I guess. I don't get paragraphs i still just use them when i feel like i am bored of talking about one thing and want to talk about another thing, or if i pause long enough in thinking about what to say.
So last night we watched "old dogs" with our fhe sisters past and present. They are all so great. When I was sad about Haley they made me cookies for me "Cookie" which is a thing i may never live down. wanna see?
So these are my heart cookies and a cute note and my smile, because they cheered me up for a while. Also in the upper left corner you can see a girl in a picture. I made her a modest shirt that she still has on today. It says i am converting to Mormonism on it. I made it out of paper to cover her bathing suit. Also bathing is not spelled the same way you say it. Thank goodness for spell checker buttons. So that is that. Tonights agenda holds meeting new people. I am going to take my gym pro out and shock people for fun and make them flex by sending surges of electricity through their body. I also am going to eat my heart cookies:)
ok peace out!

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