Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Whoa (i just tried to spell the sound i made)

So I am here on my couch after just pounding down a pot of beans and rice. So i am all beefed up, and i am ready to do some Zumba tonight. I just hope that there is at least one other guy there. If it is just me and 30 girls i hope they wont mind if i hide in the back corner and dance or whatever you do there. I also am hoping to do some rowing so i can get cut. I need to work out after all those beans and otter pops.
I also had fun in my classes today and I didn't even dose off. We learned in my marriage prep class all kinds of fun things about marriage. And the cool nerd guy in the corner was hilarious today, and the genius guy actually commented a lot today. I then showed my teacher the paper i wrote for my english class and she wants to use it as an example, which is legit.
Other then that nothing spectacular has happened, but tonight is going to be interesting. And i keep seeing the squirrels here and they are so fat. On my way to the library this one squirrel waddled across the sidewalk, because it was too fat to run. I think it is the same squirrel that lives in a trashcan outside the science building. I thought about catching him, but people were watching and i had no moral support. I am going to try and catch a squirrel this semester, but i am waiting for the opportune moment. I also think that it would be awesome to set up a booth on campus telling people to not make the squirrels fat. I also think it would be funny to bread rabbits on the Rexburg campus. They would flourish here, and they would then compete with the squirrels over food. It would be like survival of the fittest. I bet the squirrels would win though.
Oh and my roommate Jacob i decided needs help. He has this fascination/addiction to flannel and plaid. I feel like i am living with a California lumberjack. And i am pretty sure he doesn't even own an ax. So either i have to convert him to other types of clothing or if i fail there i am going to buy him a hatchet for his birthday.
So i have to go now, because i have oreos given me by a great person and i am trying to type and i am distracted by their beautiful black and white colors.
Soooo peace! out!

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