Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ward Halloween party = tis IT(pronounced tis eyet)

So first off i didn't mention Sunday. Sunday was awesome! We went to church with awesome lessons, and spiritualness. I didn't even fall asleep. You will learn that i judge the quality of every meeting by whether i felt tired or fell asleep or not. So then we got to hear president Eiring at stake conference, and he was hilarious and way good. This is the son not the apostle.
After the meeting, these cute girls from the ward invited our apartment over for dinner and made tons of good food for us. It was way good, and then we all played games after. We played dare UNO, where if you lose the UNO game you had to do a dare. I luckily didn't lose and have to enter a random apartment and sing i am a little tea pot for them.
We left there and something funny happened to Craig that he told me not to tell anyone, so i can't but it was hilarious. But we went and visited this tight girl from one of my classes and wished her happy birthday. The other guys then went to Dallin's house while i visited Emily and Andrea's apartment at Nauvoo, where they fed me delicious snacks of peanut-butter delightness.
Then I went to bed after having a pillow talk with Jacob about the girl he is crazy about. He is a goner.
Monday was fun as my science lab was canceled and so i did homework and texted Taylor at the table behind me trying to pick her future husband out of the guys sitting around her. She is one tough cookie as she turned all of them down. Better luck next time i guess. After that i ate tons of Jack in the box tacos. Which was a terrible idea, because we planned on working out right after. So we went and ran stairs and the tacos did not want to run. So i ran a bit and then laid down to let the riot in my stomach get back under control, and then i ran again.
Today was fun. Went to my classes and paid stellar attention. Then tonight we went to our ward Halloween party. We wore white trash bags, and we were weight trash. Extremely clever i know! It was my idea that i came up with when i was really bored somewhere or maybe it was when i was in the bathroom and yelled urica. It was at a barn that was cool with a dance floor in the upstairs. We combined with another ward and the dance was sick! It was fun and the girls in the other ward, were a bunch of girls we met one day at the gas station and became friends with. So it was fun to chill with them. Also I saw a girl there, that I had a major crush on and one that I still like. So i got to talk to her tonight. I also met this awesome girl from Brooklyn today too. I am going to make some awesome friends this semester:-)
So I like girls a lot. They are my Achilles heel. I am still going strong with my bet though, but if i meet a good looking tall black girl I will call the bet off. I am sad though, because I didn't get to go to the haunted mill this year:-( but i did find out where the ice caves are today and that might be the activity for this weekend if i don't find a girl for the haunted house.
Oh and chocolate fudge is a new type of pop tart and i give it two thumbs and a one of my other fingers. the end.
Peace out!!!

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