Sunday, October 17, 2010


So today was another Sunday, and an interesting one at that. I went to my ward with Jonah Durst and Megan Buzzant. The sacrament meeting was hilarious. Our sacrament meeting talks were about protecting the environment, and how we should sign up for the hill Camorah pageant, because they need more young men to play as soldiers. It was uplifting totally. I don't even want to litter or pollute anymore. I have decided to now swallow my gum instead of spitting it on the ground. While he gave his message i kept thinking he was going to make some analogy with it. Tie it in somehow to repentance or something, but no. He just wanted us to not litter I guess. I also went to and FHE leader meeting today, because i mistook it for a Sunday school meeting. It was way weird.
So after church i went out to do PPIs, which are the funnest thing ever(sarcasm applied here). They are personal priesthood interviews, and they take forever. I spent an hour and a half interviewing three people. I did get to know those three people really well though, and i sacrificed a nap to do just that. So i opened my windows, because there is a scripture that says blessings come through open windows, and so i thought I thought I would help the process:-). I am just kidding though. And the window has a screen anyways and we are encourage to not take them out. I did take it out yesterday though, when I got locked out and I had to climb in through the small window to get in.
Another thing is that I told my mom that i was not going to date till the next fall semester. She doubted me and wanted it in writing and so here it is. So if i break our "contract" before next fall, I have to make dinner for the family, for a whole week straight. And if i make it, then my mom will pay for me to eat out somewhere cool. So no there is motive and desire. So starting today, I am not allowed to go on more then 3 dates with any girl until next fall semester. So i guess since i wont be dating i will just have to make friends with everyone on campus.
So that tops todays fun till now, but I am going to a girls birthday part tonight and that will be fun. I also might go stadium singing if i get bored. ok lazers

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